The objective of this website is to provide quality training on Excel-VBA, Ms Access, SQL and coding standard. Excel is a powerful data representation tool and VBA almost limitlessly enhances the power of excel. Whenever we use excel we need to gain expertise in Excel formulas. Alongside learning formulas it is indispensible that we know VBA. Thus there needs to be a learning medium which is not too verbose, to the point, and provides the right kind of knowledge. This website endeavours to solve the purpose.

About me:

I am Sujoy, the founder and chief-editor of this website. I had started programming in VisualBasic6 from the year 2003. In 2004 I posted an entire invoicing application named 'Billeasy' on the website www.vbcode.com. In a short span of time the appliction got downloaded over 20,000 times. In due course I got the opportunity to work with a Japanese company and with a leading UK based Pharmaceutical company. Gradually, in my career, I acquired skills in Vb6, Excel-VBA, Ms Access, C#, SQL Server etc.

Over the years I came to know the importance of 'quality' in this domain of computer programming. Bad quality code written by a programmer could become a nightmare for another programmer. This website primarily solves two purpose. It is intended to provide quality and par-excellence industry standard knowledge on Excel-VBA programming. Secondly it introduces a powerful VBA coding and quality helper tool namely 'Code Review Tool' which would help VBA programmers to review and write powerful codes quickly and more efficiently.

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