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This section lets you download tools and utilities created in Excel, VBA and Ms Access. Soon many more tools will be uploaded under this section. Keep watching!

Color Tracer (Nov 2014)
Color tracer helps to trace color of the pixel on the screen where the mouse cursor is pointing. It is very useful if you need to replicate an exact color which might not be possible visually. Screenshot   |   Download
Code Review Tool (Dec 2014)
'Code Review Tool' is a server-based tool available as a addin which helps to manage and standardize VBA code, along with many other striking features. It has the following features:
  • Module checking: Checks 'Option Explicit' and naming convention of modules
  • Variable checking: Checks naming convention, syntax; highlights unused variables, local, global
  • Function checking: Checks Lines of Code, Depth, Unused, Function lacking comments, Commented code
  • Coupling Tree: A powerful feature to represent function calls in a tree view format. It highlights macro, Events, Shortcuts, Unused functions, Recursive functions, Circular function calls... Allows navigation through source code by simply dbl-clk on nodes. Very helpful in understanding and maintaining legacy code.
  • Indenter: Helps in auto-indentation of code
  • Clean Code: Helps to remove unused functions and unused local variables automatically. Also provides option to indent the entire source code
  • Repository: It is nothing less than the Nuget package manager feature of ASP.NET. It helps to import functions and modules into your project from a list of functions and modules available in Code review Tool such Chart-Zoomer, Chart-Color, Range-Manipulation, File-Handler, Database-Handler...

Is not only reviews VBA code for anomalies, but also reduces development time of a VBA project by 30-50 %. 'Code Review Tool' is going to re-shape how VBA developers write and manage VBA code. Download

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